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Mary O'Hanlon, food entrepreneur, Tasty Parlour, Co. Wexford, Ireland.

Tasty Parlour, the gluten free kitchen, was founded in July, 2011 by professional chef Mary O’Hanlon.

I saw a gap in the market for fresh and tasty gluten and wheat free products.

So, using my twenty years of work experience, I spent a year in my kitchen at home having fun developing recipes, mixing, blending and baking all types of goodies with different blends of gluten free flours.

Tasty Parlour’s philosophy is to create fresh gluten and wheat free products that taste better than a wheat product in taste and texture, using quality ingredients no matter how long it takes to do this. I am my own best customer as I am wheat intolerant myself, so nothing is created that I wouldn’t eat and, believe me, I like quality food!

When the recipes and the core products were decided Tasty Parlour was born in my Dad’s old milking parlour, hence the name ‘Tasty Parlour’. The Wexford Farmers’ Market was my first sales outlet and you can still find me there any Friday (9am – 2pm) in Supervalu car park.

My boys are my main tasters; chefs, family and friends are also drafted in for compulsory tasting sessions. I just love, really love baking, tasting and serving great home baked food that happens to be gluten and wheat free. The excitement when a new product that tastes great is born like our new Farmhouse Loaf – it’s devine! Read more about our achievements (so far!)…

Member of the Wexford Food Family food producers' group


Gluten-free muffin, Tasty Parlour, Co. Wexford

Tasty Parlour's gluten-free apple pie
Pear and Almond Scone, Tasty Parlour, Co. Wexford

“Inspiration….? None of the gluten, all of the taste! It started one afternoon over a coffee with my best friend…

Can you believe it…?! Her niece had never had a birthday cake… just because she was Coeliac!!”

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“Tasty Parlour has been supplying our Coffee Shop for over two years now. Our customer feedback on the products is excellent and leads to many repeat sales and enhanced business.”

Café Manager, Nosh & Coffee, Wexford.



Gluten-free coffee cake

Gluten-free Rocky Road

Caramel slice - gluten-free


Mary O'Hanlon's Tasty Parlour - logo



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